Australian Freshwater Molluscs key released

Australian Freshwater MolluscsWe have been working with Dr Anders Hallan and Dr Winston Ponder from the Australian Museum over the past few months to ready this key for release.

The Australian Freshwater Molluscs key is one of the first to use the new Lucid JavaScript Player. It shows off a number of new features that are now available. For example, this key demonstrates how users, via JavaScript, can control the selection of feature states and subsets selection, along with various interface elements such as windows, thumbnails and other key settings prior to opening the key.

The content for this key was developed in Fact Sheet Fusion, which used a customised template based on the responsive Html Bootstrap framework, enabling the content to be viewed across various screen sizes and devices.

A Lucid Mobile App is also a possibility for this key in the near future.


Authors: W.F. Ponder, A. Hallan, M. Shea and S.A. Clark