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Fact Sheet Fusion update

Fact Sheet Fusion v2A new update to Fact Sheet Fusion (v2.0.5.130) is now available (free to existing v2 licence holders).

This update includes:

New features and enhancements

  • Further enhanced the detection and cross-linking of scientific names.
  • Added a new option to automatically create a scientific name topic with formatted names.
  • Added a progress bar for topic deletion.
  • Added several new advanced media manager options such as automatic matching and attachment of media, reporting missing media and option to delete missing media references.
  • Image viewer now automatically detects image orientation properties.


  • Fixed global find and replace function where it was not searching across glossary terms in some instances.
  • Fixed cross-linking ordering problem where some shorter links were being applied before longer links.
  • Fixed cross-linking issue where the text to be linked was wrapped in inverted commas.
  • Fixed entity index where it was incorrectly processing alternative name siblings as sub alternative names.
  • Corrected the image watermark generator preview in the Image Viewer.
  • Hardened the glossary term saving function and included additional logging.
  • Fixed glossary cross-linking of terms when linking on certain special characters.
  • Fixed glossary cross-link when limited to a single topic.

Click here for more information on this update.

To purchase Fact Sheet Fusion click here.

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