Spotlight on Lucid users – Landcare Research in New Zealand


Landcare Research NZ, a Crown Research Institute, has created nine online plant keys hosted at Landcare Research New ZealandThese keys, mostly funded by the New Zealand Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System Programme (TFBIS), have been available since 2005 and will be updated to the Lucid JavaScript player edition in the near future.

The main Landcare Research authors, David Glenny, Murray Dawson, and Kerry Ford (at the Allan Herbarium), have collaborated with other colleagues, including Trevor James (weed scientist at AgResearch) and Jeremy Rolfe (Department of Conservation), to develop the following keys:

Key No#. taxa Brief Details
Key to flowering plant genera 1090 genera Native and naturalised genera (not cultivated-only)
NZ Weeds 667 taxa Similar to Environmental Weeds of Australia Lucid key – same architecture
NZ grasses 501 taxa Native and naturalised species
Native orchids 123 species Plus many tag-names
Coprosma spp. 53 species All native
Cotoneaster 26 species Wild or in cultivation
Weedy daisy 50 taxa Naturalised and weedy Asteraceae in the South Pacific region
  • Key to Australasian liverwort and hornwort generaA Lucid CD-ROM key to Australasian liverwort and hornwort genera, created by David Glenny and Bill Malcolm and including 181 New Zealand and Australian genera.
  • Two keys developed by two Teacher Fellows, hosted at Landcare Research:
    • Native plants for schools and marae (61 taxa)
    • Biodiversity assessment at Styx Mill Conservation Reserve (74 species of plants, birds, insects, etc.)
  • Two free Lucid Mobile apps available on Google Store and iTunes:
      • NZ Coprosma KeyCoprosma: a genus of native New Zealand woody plants. The app was created to help identify plants during ecological survey work, but is also useful to students, researchers, and others in the New Zealand botanical community.




Chinese Visitors to Identic (Brisbane)

Zhejiang Agricultural UniversityIdentic was visited by two Chinese academics earlier this year. Emeritus Professor Cheng Jiaan, from Zhejiang Agricultural University, Hangzhou, PRC, is a world expert on rice pests and particularly the brown planthopper, that has been an increasing problem in Chinese rice crops. Prof Cheng is an advisor to a major project in China aimed at reducing pesticide use in rice in the next five years and part of his visit was to discuss the role that Lucid Mobile apps might play to achieve this result.

In April, Dr Zhongxian Lu from the Zhejiang Academy of Sciences visited. Dr Lu is the Coordinator of the National pesticide reduction project and we had further discussions with him about potential collaboration. Both visitors also visited colleagues at The University of Queensland to discuss these and other aspects of pest management.

Malaysia visit

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)In March Geoff Norton visited The Faculty of Agriculture at the Universiti Putra (UPM), Selangor, Malaysia to give a public lecture on the use of Lucid for facilitating the development of decision support tools. Following the lecture, Geoff had discussions with various UPM staff and then visited Dr Sivapragasam (Regional Director of the CABI – South East Asia office) and other CABI colleagues to discuss potential links on crop diagnostics.

Aquarium and Pond Plants of the World Update

Aquarium and Pond Plants of the WorldAquarium and Pond Plants of the World ( is currently undergoing a major update, nearly doubling the number of taxa included. The significantly expanded new edition will be called Aquatic Plants of the World, and it will be available as a Lucid Mobile App towards the end of 2017. The authors of Edition 3 are Shaun Winterton, Julia Scher, Jamie Burnett, and Amanda Redford.

Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity Concern

Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity ConcernThe Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is set to release Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity Concern, by Stacey Anderson and Glenn Bellis – An interactive Lucid key to assist in recognising families of targeted Lepidoptera of biosecurity concern using morphological characters of the adult.

This key is now available as a Lucid mobile app, via Goggle Play and Apple iTunes.

FunKey: Key to Agarics Updated (May 2017)

FunKey: Key to AgaricsThe mobile app edition of FunKey has now been updated, for existing users this update should become automatically available via your device update application.

The USB edition of FunKey will also be updated in the near future. This update will be available to existing users as a download. The USB update will include the new JavaScript based Lucid Player, enabling the key to be used across any modern web browser.

Check the announcement forum for updates on this release

Fact Sheet Fusion v2 Update (May 2017)

Fact Sheet FusionA new update to Fact Sheet Fusion (v2.0.5.111) is now available (free to existing v2 licence holders).

This update adds improvements to the Import content (HTML, MS Word and Lucid keys) options, and several bug fixes and other improvements.

Click here for more information on this update.

To purchase Fact Sheet Fusion click here.

For Fact Sheet Fusion v1 licence holders purchase the upgrade here.

Lucid v3.6 Updated (May 2017)

A new Lucid v3.6 update is now available. It adds additional features and corrects several Lucid v3.6minor bugs. Changes include:

  • Support for importing media against the features and states, using the media list format.
  • Exporting full path feature and state lists to a text file. This is useful when wanting to create the media list import file. E.g. Fact Sheet Fusion supports importing this format.
  • Options to quickly drop feature and state media.
  • Fixed a JavaScript Player deployment issue where media file references contained non-ASCII characters.
  • Support for transparent thumbnail image formats.
  • New numeric state selection “out of play” warning, if the numeric features no longer applies to the remaining entities.

Click here to download the latest update.