Brisbane Workshop – July 21st – 22nd

The most recent Lucid training workshop was held in Brisbane on the 21st and 22nd July. There were 19 participants including 6 post graduate students from The University of Queensland; the School of Biology at the University provided the teaching laboratory facilities for the workshop. Participants included botanists, entomologists, a plant pathologist and an animal nutritionist, coming from as far afield as Birmingham University (UK), Hobart (Tasmania), Atherton (Queensland), Sydney (New South Wales), Canberra (ACT) and Perth (Western Australia).


Spotlight on Lucid users – Australian Museum

amlogo2_smlIn 1827 Australia’s first public museum, the Sydney Museum or Colonial Museum, was established with the initial purpose to procure ‘many rare and curious specimens of Natural History’. Subsequently named the Australian Museum in 1836, today the Museum plays a leading role in taxonomic and systematic research and education and over the years has developed an internationally recognised collection of over 18 million cultural and scientific objects.

A decade ago, as part of its educational role, the Museum started producing a series of Lucid keys for identifying specific groups of insects and reptiles present in New South Wales. Now that these keys can be more easily accessed across the Internet, they have recently been transferred to the Lucid Key Server Player.

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New Keys – June/July 2016

Key to Tachinidae of New Zealand


The Tachinidae is the largest family of all the parasitic flies in the order Diptera, with around 10,000 described species in the world. It is estimated that thousands of species are still undescribed, making Tachinidae possibly the most specious parasitic fly family. Tachinidae are parasitic on invertebrates, mainly insects at different life stages. In New Zealand Tachinidae are known to only parasitize insects in the insect orders of Hemiptera, Coleoptera and Lepidoptera.

Author: Schnitzler F-R 2016

Lucid JavaScript Player Update

The first edition of the JavaScript Lucid Player has now been completed and is undergoing final testing. This will be the replacement for the existing Java Applet Player. The new JavaScript Player allows users instant playing of keys with no plug-ins required!

We’ve also been working hard to optimise the Players performance. It is currently loading and playing keys 30-50% faster than the Java Applet edition.

More information on this will be coming in the next few weeks.