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Five popular identification keys updated with latest Lucid technology

Wattle: Acacia of Australia Euclid AusGrass Australian Orchid Genera

Five popular key products released over the past several years on DVD and USB now have a new update available.

This update upgrades the underlying identification technology to the very latest Lucid Player options available.

Users will now have three choices when it comes to using the identification keys.

  • The Lucid Browser Player – JavaScript based, no install, Java Runtime Environment or plug-ins required. Just a modern web browser!
  • The Lucid Applet Player – More features, no install but requires the Java Runtime Environment and Firefox.
  • The Lucid Application Player – More features, installed application, requires the Java Runtime Environment, but doesn’t need run within a web browser.

Visit www.lucidcentral.org for more information about this update.

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