SPIKEY: An interactive key to Triodia spinifex grasses of the Pilbara, Western Australia Version

SPIKEY: An interactive key to Triodia spinifex grasses of the Pilbara, Western Australia

SPIKEY: An interactive key to Triodia spinifex grasses of the Pilbara, Western Australia is an interactive identification tool covering all of the hummock grasses (the genus Triodia) colloquially known as ‘spinifex’ that occur in the Pilbara bioregion and adjacent areas of Western Australia. This key covers a total of 28 species and one hybrid, about one-quarter of the species in the genus Triodia, using 28 features. This is an important update; about half of the species treated are recently described, and are not covered by earlier synopses of Triodia. Triodia are the dominant plants and a major restoration target in arid zone hummock grasslands, an ecosystem covering 18% of Australia, and correct identification is critical to successful restoration and rehabilitation. This app is intended to be used by land managers, rehabilitation practitioners, botanical consultants, seed collectors, identification botanists and anyone curious about Triodia.

Authors: Matthew D. Barrett, Benjamin M. Anderson, Kevin R. Thiele

Desktop Edition


Mobile Apps available at:

Google Play Store and Apple iTunes

Aquarium and Pond Plants of the World Update

Aquarium and Pond Plants of the WorldAquarium and Pond Plants of the World (http://idtools.org/id/appw) is currently undergoing a major update, nearly doubling the number of taxa included. The significantly expanded new edition will be called Aquatic Plants of the World, and it will be available as a Lucid Mobile App towards the end of 2017. The authors of Edition 3 are Shaun Winterton, Julia Scher, Jamie Burnett, and Amanda Redford.

Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity Concern

Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity ConcernThe Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is set to release Lepidopteran Families of Biosecurity Concern, by Stacey Anderson and Glenn Bellis – An interactive Lucid key to assist in recognising families of targeted Lepidoptera of biosecurity concern using morphological characters of the adult.

This key is now available as a Lucid mobile app, via Goggle Play and Apple iTunes.

FunKey: Key to Agarics Updated (May 2017)

FunKey: Key to AgaricsThe mobile app edition of FunKey has now been updated, for existing users this update should become automatically available via your device update application.

The USB edition of FunKey will also be updated in the near future. This update will be available to existing users as a download. The USB update will include the new JavaScript based Lucid Player, enabling the key to be used across any modern web browser.

Check the announcement forum for updates on this release

Five popular identification keys updated with latest Lucid technology

Wattle: Acacia of Australia Euclid AusGrass Australian Orchid Genera

Five popular key products released over the past several years on DVD and USB now have a new update available.

This update upgrades the underlying identification technology to the very latest Lucid Player options available.

Users will now have three choices when it comes to using the identification keys.

  • The Lucid Browser Player – JavaScript based, no install, Java Runtime Environment or plug-ins required. Just a modern web browser!
  • The Lucid Applet Player – More features, no install but requires the Java Runtime Environment and Firefox.
  • The Lucid Application Player – More features, installed application, requires the Java Runtime Environment, but doesn’t need run within a web browser.

Visit www.lucidcentral.org for more information about this update.

Rainforest Plants of Australia – Rockhampton to Victoria – Now available as an App!

Rainforest Plants of Australia - Rockhampton to Victoria AppsThis very popular and impressive key has now been released as an app.

Rainforest Plants of Australia – Rockhampton to Victoria, is based on the popular interactive computer key (distributed as a USB) of the same name. The app includes the full identification key to 1140 species, fact sheets for all species and features used in the key, introductory and reference sections and over 8,000 images.


iOS Rainforest Plants of Australia – Rockhampton to Victoria available at Apple iTunes.

Android Rainforest Plants of Australia – Rockhampton to Victoria available at Google Play.

NudiKey v1.0 released

NudiKey v1.0An illustrated, interactive key to the Australian heterobranch sea slug families.

The Australia heterobranch sea slugs not only have popular appeal among the public but they also hold scientific importance. NudiKey provides a simple, interactive tool to assist with their identification and an opportunity for users to become familiar with the external diagnostic characteristics found in this highly speciose group of gastropod molluscs. NudiKey summarises the essential characteristics of the epibenthic families and, using high quality photographs of living animals, comprises a comprehensively illustrated, user-friendly, interactive key.

URL: http://keys.lucidcentral.org/keys/v3/NudiKey/

Author: Matthew J. Nimbs

Funded by: Southern Cross University & National Marine Science Centre

Pacific Pests and Pathogens v4

Pacific Pests and Pathogens AppThe Pacific Pest and Pathogens App has been updated again to include an additional 30 taxa and fact sheets, many of these being pests and pathogens of vegetable crops found in the Papua New Guinea highlands. The App now covers 300 pests and diseases.

Authors: Grahame Jackson et al.

Funded by: ACIAR, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

Apple iOSPacific Pests and Pathogens @ iTunes App Store

AndroidPacific Pests and Pathogens @ Google Play Store