Fact Sheet Fusion v2 Update (May 2017)

Fact Sheet FusionA new update to Fact Sheet Fusion (v2.0.5.111) is now available (free to existing v2 licence holders).

This update adds improvements to the Import content (HTML, MS Word and Lucid keys) options, and several bug fixes and other improvements.

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Fact Sheet Fusion v2.0.5.100 released

Fact Sheet Fusion Update


File Size: 142MB

Date: 18 January 2017

Change Log

  • Increased the speed of exports by 30-50% depending on the export options selected.
  • Added support for importing Lucid key data (entities) and associated fact sheets via the HTML import option.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements added to the import of MS Word generated HTML files.
  • Changed the default selected project option to ‘open project’ within the Projects dialog.
  • Added a new check for updates feature. Includes automatic download and install launch feature.
  • Upgraded the setup package process to allow updates to over install existing older versions, rather than having to uninstall prior to updating to the newer edition.

For more information about older changes please see the Fact Sheet Fusion Announcement Forum.

If you have any questions or require support please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us via the Lucidcentral.org Help Desk.

Fact Sheet Fusion v2.0.945 released

Fact Sheet Fusion Fact Sheet Fusion Exporting

New Features and Enhancements

  • Added new Fusion2 database import option.
  • Added import from file option to all import text dialogs (topics, entities and subsets etc).
  • Help has been updated to reflect new functionality.


  • Fixed an exception that was caused when all entities are removed and a media item wasn’t cleared from the entity images panel.
  • Fixed an invalid parameter error when generating image watermark that occurred for some image types.
  • Fixed opening the Media Manager where all previous entities had been deleted.
  • Fixed refreshing of the media listed after the deletion of a category.
  • Fixed disabling of media caption and properties when moving between media categories.
  • Fixed bug where glossary term properties (Review, Exclude and Exclude from Crosslinking) were not being stored in some circumstances.
  • Stopped the creation of thumbnails of image during export if marked as excluded.

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